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Your Lifelong Learning Partner

Your Lifelong Learning Partner

LaD, Live A Dream

LaD, Live a Dream is a  Singapore Start-up brand incorporated in 2017. It is a platform that connects professionals who are passionate in training and teaching, and who desire to empower learners with knowledge and skills to do their job well.

LaD also offers logistical services to the trainers thus allowing them to focus on their passion – train and teach. It also aims to be a trusted lifelong learning provider for learner.

For the past two years, the founder observed people around him struggling to make ends meet after having lost their good paying jobs in this disruptive economy that Singapore is facing. These are workers with very valuable skills and knowledge in their respective fields and who have much to offer to the young generation of workers starting out in their career. These are knowledge/skills acquired through work experience that is not taught in any textbooks.

The founder’s desire to start Live A Dream is to provide such workers with an opportunity to share their expert knowledge. This opportunity will create a meeting place for the teacher and students to learn from each other while they earn a living or build their career. It is Live A  Dream belief that lifelong learning will help workers develop skills for life long employability. Live   A Dream also strongly believe that this platform will help to improve life for people globally by allowing people to trade their knowledge and skills to achieve dream.


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